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Since 1980, Satyyam Jewellers are providing the finest and best Bandhel Jewellery with the unique traditional richness of India. Bandhel or Gold filled jewellery are ancient practice and is an excellent art in presenting the essence of ancient culture. Carving its ethenic design all the way from Hapur, these bandhel collections are well-suited for weddings, festivities and other grand events for affordable prices.

Satyyam Jewellers, one of the top bandhel Jewellers you will find in Delhi and Hapur, U.P. The hub of all heritage and deep traditions. Get the latest designs for rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings, and chains or customized them in your own way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bandhel Jewellery is a protohistoric art that dates back beyond our track. It is an art of imitating jewelleries such as gold and silver crests with precious stones and beads. India unquestionably adopted the imitation of jewels since the beginning of time. Most states in the country called it as GabhaKadli, Copper Kadli, Bronze Jewellery, Beauty or by other names while the international market recognizes it as Gold-filled jewellery or Paper Gold Jewellery.

Although jewellery is commonly associated with diamonds, pearls, gold and other such precious stones, jewellery is not limited to these. Originally, jewellery included items like beads, shells or plants.

If you want to buy then, Satyyam jewellers are the best place to buy Bandhel jewellery in Delhi and in Hapur, U.P. as we have over 40 years of expertise in this industry.

Bandhel jewelleries use inexpensive metal and gemstones to imitate real jewellery in the making. It can be customised to the likeness of a person where it can be used as everyday wear or for occasional purposes. With the advancement of technology, bandhel jewelleries are perfected, more durable and double the attractiveness.

The metal base to create any kind of ornament or bandhel Jewellery is made from either brass or copper. The outer layer gets covered with 23 to 24 karat of gold or as per the consumer’s demands. The melting purity of gold or silver products stands between 18% to 55% or more. A goldsmith can accordingly decide the price based on the quality and weight of the jewels. However, the prices of bandhel jewels depend on the changes of gold value too.

Gold has been an essential part of buy and exchange and is considered pure and pious in Indian society. However, purchasing gold, though excellent, is not a cup of tea for everyone, especially for common men. Budget, needs and quality deeply affects the demands of each consumer, hence, bandhel jewellery instantly becomes a life-saver.

Every woman dreams of possessing jewels such as necklace, earings, bracelets, hairpins, nose studs, bangles, and other trinkets. So much as women love the word jewels, men also fancy watches, bracelets, chains and wallets.

Bandhel Jewels can create end varieties of alluring designs in perfect imitation of real jewels. They fulfil the absolute needs of consumers at reasonable and attractive prices. Patla, Necklace, Bracelets, Bangles, Kada, Chains, Zumki, Earings, Rings, and all other types of ornaments are available as per the consumer’s conveniences.

Women love adorning themselves with ornaments and fancy extravagant looks. They add trinkets and jewels to match their looks and different occasions. On our part we love to see happy women trying the best of our bandhel Jewellery to give them a mixture of delight and royal delight. Check out our irresistible bandhel products ranging from high to budget quality to enhance your looks. Every type and quality of jewellery you are looking for are available in 15% – 60% of gold or silver. For Ladies, we curated exquisite jewellery such as Earings, Kundal, Tika, Nathni, Nose studs, Chhuri/Patla, Fancy Designs at very attractive prices. Rings , Chains, Kada, Bracelets, Watches etc for gents are available in elegant designs.